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Lumbar radiculopathy Category: differential

synonyms: radicular syndrom, sciatica

Leading causes of sciatica
Herniated disc
Spinal stenosis
Piriformis syndrome
Spinal tumors

Rare but dangerous causes of sciatica
Aortic aneurysm
Infection: osteomyelitis, epidural abscess
Renal disease: pyelonephritis, perinephric abscess
Psoas haematoma

Ankylosing spondylitis (M.Bechterew)
Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Red flags for back pain
Pulsatile abdominal masses
Elevated ESR
History of cancer
Pain that is worse during rest or at night
Unexplained weight loss
Unexplained fever
Intravenous drug use
Osteoporosis / prolonged use of corticosteroids
Age >70
Focal neurological deficit
Duration > 6 weeks

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