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Malignant Neuroleptics Syndrome Category: disease

Malignant neuroloptics syndrome is always a clinical diagnosis. The diagnostic criteria are meant to support scientific research.

Diagnostic criteria:

- Develops within 7 days after starting antipsychotics treatment, or within 2-4 weeks in case of "depot"-antipsychotics
- Hyperthermia
- Muscle rigidity

- 5 out of 10 of the next items:
* Altered state of consciousness and global confusion
* Tachycardy
* Hypertension or hypotension
* Tachypnoe or hypoxia
* Sweating or increased saliva production
* Tremor
* Incontinence
* Increased Creatinekinase (CK) levels or myoglobinuria
* Leukocytosis
* Metabolic acidosis

- Exclusion of other drug induced, systemic or neuropsychiatric diseases

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