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This website is meant for medical professionals (students, residents, specialists and nurses) in neuroscience.

Its purpose is to offer a central point of data sharing by means of an efficient and straightforward web-based framework, combined with dedicated cross-platform export to mobile devices using AvantGo.

Feel free to participate!

When a record is changed, the old version is saved automatically in the archive. I trust we can share our knowdledge to help people. Dear hackers, I do realize that no technology can stop you completely. Just realize that this site is not intended to generate money, but to generate health. Which could be your health, or that of your beloved family. Just let us do our work. And do not hesitate to let me know if you want to help.

Any comments or remarks concerning the website can be sent using the Contact button.

Pieter Kubben, MD

Publication date: 2007-06-09

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